Deciding how your organization will approach the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is not a simple task… and it’s definitely not a one-time decision.


As both the legislation and your organization evolve, so should your strategy. Employers must carefully consider the impact that ACA will have on every aspect of their business and continue to monitor these impacts to ensure they are: 

ü    Evaluating cost and risk modeling
ü    Tracking and measuring employee eligibility
ü    Monitoring ongoing reporting and compliance
ü    Avoiding fines and other penalties

Join us to learn more about the importance of the ongoing management of your ACA strategy and how certain industries, such as higher education, staffing, retail, and hospitality, will need to address unique challenges in the years to come. 


Presented by: 

Thomas R. Dowling, Attorney
Employee Benefits Group, Stinson Morrison Hecker

Mike Psenka, 
Senior Vice President, Analytics
Equifax Workforce Solutions

This webinar took place Thursday, May 30. 

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